Another good training day.

34 miles today and the training has been working.  I did much of the same route I took a few weeks ago when I got a bit of a scare, and the hills were easier, and I much less exhausted at the end.  I met some friends at Carsington Water and then cycled round with them, which was fun.  I was disappointed not to see a Bull Finch, which I have seen here on previous trips, but the weather was ideal; sunny with a breeze to cool things down.

I also used my Nokia E72 for my route, and that was successful.  Clamped to my handlebars is definitely better than in the map case- although I am glad I had tied it on aswell because the whole attachment came off whilst going down a bumpy hill and the phone was dangling below the handle bars!!

I also too my Free Loader, the solar charger and although it was in sunny conditions most of the day it hasn’t made a huge dent on my phone charge- so I might need more than one.

My goal is to have a route section on here by next week, although that is ambitious as I have a Best Man’s speech to finish off and a Family Service to prepare for next weekend too- so we will see.

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One Response to Another good training day.

  1. Andrew says:

    Interesting comment about the Free Loader charger; I have yet to really test mine out. Good luck with the speech and service….

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