Ahead of me…

There are two groups ahead of me now, that I know of and am following.

The first to set off was Andrew Sykes of www.eurovel05.com; I have been following his blog since I first decided to take a similar trip and he has influenced many of my equipment purchases and route decisions.
He set off on Sunday, and is currently awaiting is ferry in Dover.  He has a much more established blog with a tracking map from his gps and everything!

Secondly there is Keith and Dave.  I was planning on joining them last year as they rode to Barcelona, but my work situation changed and I couldn’t.  We then planned to do this ride together but our dates just didn’t fit, since they are free to leave today whereas I cannot leave till 9th August.  Also, they need to be back before the end of August whereas I don’t want to arrive in Kephalonia until 12th September!!  They have a facebook group called Home to Rome, although based on last year’s efforts they will fail to keep it updated.

This all makes me very excited for my departure in 3 weeks time- Ahhhhhh.
I still have so much to so before that.

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