Last trial run

Almost fully loaded I did a meagre 30 miles down to Lichfield. The sports tracker failed to produce any stats, but I am pretty sure i was faster than last time. Even going a slightly longer route and stopping to chat to a bee keeper. He assured me that the bee population in South Derbyshire is healthy!
Then after a BBQ I pitched my tent in the dark (it was fine, but I do hope I’m not doing it regularly) and my Mum came out into the garden to tuck me in and zip me up- I probably shouldn’t get used to that!
This is the last long distance run i will manage before setting off. I’m ready. Bring it on… …after camp!

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One Response to Last trial run

  1. The PilatesLady says:

    You forgot to mention that I also left the back door open in case you heard any scary noises… lol… Mum x

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