First Aid kit.

This is the first aid kit donated by my sister, who want to make sure I arrive at her wedding in tact. (notice the electric insect bite zapper, Rachel!)
She says, ‘I hope it helps at some point.’ I would rather not need it to help at any point, but i appreciate the sentiment- thanks Kate!

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3 Responses to First Aid kit.

  1. Katie Hammersley says:

    I’m not being negative, but it will help at some point even if it’s just the insect repellent and the funky pink SUN BLOCK, which you have to wear every day!!! I want photo evidence.
    And if you don’t fall off your bike at least once, you’re not a true cyclist!!!
    KEFALONIA, here we come.
    I love ya lots big bro, stay safe and I’ll see you on the 12th.
    By the way Matt and Pops love ya loads too and can’t wait to celebrate your safe arrival!

  2. Andrew says:

    Wow! Looks far more impressive than mine; when treating my foot (when I fell in the shower of the hotel in Lixembourg) I noticed that all the wipes & plasters were out of date. Yours looks far more appropriate!

  3. Bryan Mc Coy says:

    The Geoedie Branch is watching your epic journey closely and praying for your safe arrival for Katies wedding best of luck and good on you for doing it

    Mary Bryan and ALL of the family

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