Day 1

I hope the rest of the trip will be less stressful! Although today’s stress was on the fun adrenaline buzz side of things.
It started this morning when I discovered that I had broken my phone mount. To stop it coming lose and dropping my phone when I go over bumps, I put super glue on it. Last week I managed to stick my fingers together so I was careful this time! It worked, in that it no longer comes loose. Sadly, the mechanism that opens and closes to hold the phone in place is also stuck, so no longer usable. No amount of phoning around secured a new one.
The ride to the station went swimmingly and, after a quick goodbye to a tearful mother, I was officially on my way. I chose this picture of Derby Cathedral to be my official start picture. As far as landmarks go it is either that or the football stadium, and although I subscribe to neither this is miles closer to me.
My sister met me in London, which was a lovely surprise, and the coffee and panini were welcoming. This, however, is how I ended up running through the terminal to check my bike in half an hour late, and then back to check myself in, carry all my bags!!! If I wasn’t convinced before, I am now; I have bought too much stuff. I did make it to the train, and i just hope my bike did too!
I am now in the channel tunnel! I would always choose ferry above tunnel by preference (sea air and boat ride is much more exciting!), but cost won over on this occasion. I don’t yet feel like an international traveller. Maybe I will as soon as we come out of the tunnel, or maybe it will be walking around Brussels later?
I don’t intend to write this much normally, but I am on the train and the people around me are not interested in chatting!

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