Day 2…

…has been interesting. I suppose good, really, i am just tired and not seeing the sunny side while I wait for food (and un biere- merci Jonda et Chrissy!)
I needn’t have worried about my snoring. If I did, during the brief times I dropped off, it would only have augmented the cacophony made by a room half full of middle-aged men- the poor young American lads!
I set off and, as I have heard of most cities, it took a long time to negotiate my way out of Brussels without using the motorway. Even when I did, the suburbs didn’t really run out until after lunch.
I was not being a tourist today, so not looking around as much as I might. I wanted to get a start cycling, and try to get some miles under my belt. That said, if I had seen anything remarkable I would have stopped. I have to say the Belgium landscape is very pretty, but nothing that unusual to me- maybe less sheep. One thing that is amazing is their provision for cyclists. Every road in the towns and cities has a cycle path, and often when the road is in disrepair, the cycle path is freshly laid tarmac.
I am glad I did get going because I was disappointingly slow. It was no more hilly than I am used to, so a good start on training for St. Gotthard, but I guess it is only going to get worse. I arrived in Namur, my target, and found that the nearest camp site in my direction was 15kms away, so I am now in Faulx Les Tombes and the last hour or so was gruelling.
Literally just as I finished putting up the tent it rained, and is still raining. I have no idea what the forecast is for tomorrow.
As I rode today I was barked at by two dogs, honked at by a goose, bleated at by three goats and whinnied at by a miniature pony!

Faulx Les Tombs

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