Day 3…

…started and ended wet. And it was wet for the most part in between too! Not entirely unpleasant though, although I do hope I don’t have to pack everything away wet again tomorrow!
I am considering not setting off until after lunch. Both days so far it has been better riding after lunch! It was just after lunch that it stopped raining for 30 mins! However it was also just after lunch that I fell off the bike!
I think I was checking my map, or the time, and noticed too late that I was veering off the side of the road. If I had tried to correct then I would have fallen onto the road, so instead I went into the ditch. I was worried there might be something in the ditch to harm the bike, so I stopped as quickly as I could. Thankfully it was just full of soft vegetation because I went over the handle bars and landed about 2m further down the ditch! Everything is OK though, apart from a bruised ankle, so it can go down as just a funny incident!
The last 14km was a steady rise of 500m which looks impressive on a gradient map, and feels terrible on the legs! All good training for Les Alps, though, I keep telling myself.
I am now in St. Hubert which is about 10km short of my target. I am struggling with these distances, so may well fall behind schedule. Tomorrow, if it is dry I will try to set off early to make it to Luxemburg. If not then I will stop when I need to, wherever that is. If I get wet on the way then that will be my first hotel night, because I need to dry everything out.
On one of the two times I walked a stretch I was passed by another tourer, who I now know to be Marco from Holland. He is now pitched next to me, after cycling a much further route and still arriving just before me!
I was barked at by three dogs today, mobbed by a flock of Canada geese landing by the road and although I whinnied at a horse he did not respond.

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One Response to Day 3…

  1. Never mind about ‘something in the ditch to harm the bike’, what about you..? Lucky you didn’t land on a boulder..! I expect it bruised your pride more than your ankle though. By the way, leave the animals alone – who do you think you are, Dr Doolittle..? x

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