Day 4…

…has been much better, it is amazing what a bit of sunshine can do! Saying that, it didn’t start in the sunshine. St. Hubert is proud to be at 500m, but the main feature of that seems to be that it is engulfed in cloud every morning, so I woke to 5m visibility and just as wet, since it had rained during the night too!
As an aside, the tent is doing a fine job at keeping everything inside dry, it just when it comes to packing it away it all gets soaked!
So after packing everything wet, I was met with the last 50m climb to my first ‘Col’ the Col d’Hubertise. Now, in a few weeks time from the heights of the Col du St. Gotthard I may turn back and laugh in the face of Hubertise, but today, the last climb to the 550m summit hurt my legs!
From there, though, the sun began to shine and it was a pretty straight road. Up the odd 100m climb and down the odd one too, although I think mostly downs overall today. My first experience of major switchbacks out of Saeul, again good training for Alpine switches, convinced me to ditch my plans to rush Luxembourg! So I am now at a campsite literally under the E25 about 6km short of Lux City, which is actually more on target than last night. I have decided to have a half-day tomorrow as I am feeling the physical strain. My plan is to go into Lux City and look around for a few hours then head off in the right direction, but won’t keep up with the plan. Probably half a day behind.
I have been amazed at the change of culture, just in the distance I cycled today. There were no signs to welcome me into Luxembourg, but the size and grandeur of the houses got suddenly bigger! It was also quite a shock to get to the campsite and feel very proud of myself for speaking French only to find it is all German. So I am back to ignorant English for a couple of days.

It appears that this site is a stop off, with only two caravans staying on from last night. When I arrived it looked pretty full, but still more came and they are now packed like sardines! The tent section is less crammed, and I have spent the evening chatting with Carole and Michael (he pronounced it Mikeel, so it didn’t seem like my parent’s names until I just wrote it!) from near Amsterdam.
Washing done and drying, hopefully, and there should be a baguette delivered to my tent at 8am- how exciting!

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One Response to Day 4…

  1. ruth golton says:

    We’ve been following your blog and are praying for you to keep up your strength. We’re proud of you here in Allestree!

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