…is a great city.  Maybe it is growing up in a small city like Lichfield, and then moving to Bath, another small city, but this is the kind of place I like.  I do love the countryside, but maybe I just love going there.  Big cities I don’t like, so I hope never to live in London again, and that may explain why I am happier living in Allestree rather than Derby.
I am having a half day cycling today.  The last three days have worn me out, I am just not as fit as those I am following with their 100km days! So I am now in an internet cafe in Luxembourg and will have lunch and then mosey on out for a couple of hours cycling in the right direction, but I will not be on schedule by tonight!
I have reconciled myself to that, and, if my times improve, I may try to catch up later, but for now I will cope with being a half day behind my plans, which is likely to turn into a day!!
This has been just what I need, although there has been a part of me itching to get going. As if I am wasting my time wandering around Luxembourg City when I have to be on my way somewhere.  Still, I will be away soon.

Luxembourg City

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5 Responses to Luxembourg…

  1. Matthew Wahl says:

    Great job Chris! Among the amount of dogs that bark, geese that honk, horses that don’t whinny, you should put up your miles for the day. And pictures if you can manage! 🙂

    Hang in there!

  2. Ruth Westall says:

    You might as well enjoy your journey as well as the wedding instead of getting tooooo tired!

  3. Dad and Kath says:

    Hi Chris how are things going ? how are you ? not heard anything for a couple of days we know you’re not cycling today ,where have you settled for the weekend?

  4. james mum says:

    Hi Chris, I know you dont know me yet,but I’m James mum and your little sis has just been for tea here, shes ate a big sunday dinner with all the trimmings but I wont go into that now as I suppose it will be a while before you get a good old sunday roast. Anyway, Ive just caught up on your blog, I think you are very brave and possibly a bit mad(dont worry we’ll sort that out when you get back as I work for the mental health team!!!)Well what an adventure you’re having,hope you enjoy every minute, try not to fall off your bike again, and most importantly stay safe, and in one piece.Emma and James are looking forward to the wedding and seeing you there, so no detours please. bye for now.

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