Day 5…

…has been pretty much what I hoped. A bit touristy and then a bit of a cycle, but not too much!
[written August 13th]
Although it wasn’t raining it was far from being dry as I woke up, so none of my washing was at all dry and neither was my tent so everything was packed wet again! I’m sorry the weather is playing such a big part in my blogs, but when living out of bags the rain dominates everything. Tonight however, despite being dull all afternoon, the sun came out and even before I had unpacked everything some of it was dry!
I headed into Luxembourg City and enjoyed walking around, as I reported earlier. Also reported earlier, I wasn’t able to enjoy it fully because I felt like I was meant to be getting on, which is strange because I wouldn’t say I was particularly enjoying being ‘transient’ and at the internet cafe this afternoon (which was free for 1hr!!) I plotted a route for the next two days with campsites, so I have a pretty good idea where I am headed if all goes to plan.
It was so much better to arrive in Malling, about 30km SE of Lux City, without feeling exhausted and desperate to get the tent up as quick as possible, and get some food. It has been a much more relaxing evening and I am now waiting for pizza, by the lake, preparing for a full day cycle tomorrow.
I had to stop to wait for cows to cross today, just outside the most beautiful village in France (apparently), Rodemark, which was indeed very beautiful.
I also got a puncture just as I arrived in the city and, even though I made the schoolboy error of not checking the tyre before putting the new tube in, it was repaired in no time. That is another thing that would have been much more frustrating on a normal cycling day!  I am reading Psalm 119 alongside a book called Bible Delights by Christopher Ash (it was a gift from someone when I moved from Bath last Sept.) It is such a blessing and a thrill!

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