Day 7…

…is rest day. And that is exactly what I have had to do, physically at least.
[written August 15th]
I was hoping to go for a leisurely ride around the lac or into town, but it has not stopped chucking it down all day. I have hardly left my 14ft x 2ft x 3ft dry space. Even some of the eurovision was cancelled, although I saw some impressive line dancers in the rain and a few rides were flashing away waiting for customers. When I returned from a run through the rain to get bread, Uver and Juliana, my neighbours, invited me in for breakfast which I must admit I had been praying someone would do. They were very kind and also gave me their left over food for lunch so I didn’t have to go to the shop.
Then I sat, or rather lay, in my tent. I listened to a sermon and some music, read a lot and napped. Then did all those things again. Then again.
When it came time for dinner I came up to the good old wash block! There is a separate bit for washing dishes which is covered, so I sat under there, cooking my pasta. Whilst there a Portuguese guy came to get water and we tried to explain what bought each of us here. Switching to my limited Spanish was difficult, after trying French for a week.
So now I am in the washroom on my now regular vigil to charge my phone. No kms to report but I did see a nuthatch close up!
Before I set off I was praying that God would teach me all the lessons I needed to learn that involved rain before I set off. His answer was obviously no! If this was a couple of days ago I would be on a train home now, but actually I am finding enjoyment in the adventure at last!

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