Day 8…

…is not what I signed up to.
[written August 16th]
I was quite looking forward to a 90km challenge, just keep going till I get there, especially after a fun night with -Kalle and family. But the rain just changes everything. It didn’t stop all night, and was still chucking it this morning as I packed up. Set off, and after a couple of wrong turns missing the cycle route signs (probably because of the rain, because I saw them fine on the way back) I felt lousy. I was ready to just get a train home when I got to Strasbourg. The rain was pelting right into my face pretty much all the way to Phalsburg. I was cold and fed up, but not tired from the cycling for a change. Then I remembered that this is a holiday! I don’t have to do any of it. So when I got a puncture in Phalsbourg I decided not to anymore. There was no public transport from Phalsbourg but if I could make it to Saverne there was a station! The long downhill to Lutzelbourg and then the 10km ride along the canal would have been beautiful if it wasn’t for the continued driving rain. It was so nice in fact that when I got to Saverne I almost considered carrying on to Strasbourg as the rain had abated slightly. I am very glad I didn’t though because it started again with a vengeance shortly after I bought my 8 euro dry train ride worth every cent! It is still raining now, but it is better being stuck in a hostel that my small tent!
Thank you those who sent words of encouragement so quickly after my ‘cry for sympathy’ post. They were very helpful, as are all the commets and texts.
I am unsure what to do tomorrow, I may wait to see what the weather is like, although more of this is forecast. It would be very annoying to fall behind schedule again, though.

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One Response to Day 8…

  1. Amanda Parrish says:

    I am in awe of your determination and your ability to make the best of the rain! I hope you are taking pictures as you have time…I would love to see more of your journey. Good luck, Be safe and God Bless!
    Amanda 🙂

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