Day 9…

…is the start of my holiday.
[written August 16th]
I said to many people that if I wasn’t enjoying it then I would get the train, but obviously didn’t mean it because when I did I felt I was cheating or failing or something. Forgetting that this is a holiday and I am doing it for fun, not to meet self-imposed expectations and schedules! So I spent the day in Strasbourg. Although it turned out quite pleasant weather wise, with showers this afternoon, so if is raining tomorrow I will kick myself.
I think I will post a separate entry with my thoughts on the city, as I am about to go back out for the evening.
I was pleased with myself today because I managed to buy three evening meals and tomorrow’s supplies for €13! Two nights in a hostel means I need to watch the budget.
Although I am in a shared room there is no one else assigned here so I was able to hang all my wet stuff up. That means whatever the weather tomorrow, I set of dry at least. Once everything is in the bags it stays dry, it is just vice versa too!
One thing I have learned is that Tourist Offices have a very limited remit. They serve their own region only. So if you are at the edge of the region and you are leaving tomorrow then they are no help! They have some great cycle route maps, but Strasbourg is right at the bottom of them and I am going south!!

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