Estiivales Du Lac…

…is the Putellange summer carnival, held each year on the Camping Municipal!
[written August 15th]
Are tacky fairground rides and thing a universal summer fete thing? The centre piece was the live music stage, and far from being teenagers it turned out to be quite a family occasion, and a lovely atmosphere. Whilst I am not averse to Eurovision music, these would not have been the winners! Thankfully they also finished after an hour and on came Chicken Bones, a blues/rock band. They were great; what live music at a small town festival should be. Great musicians with great blues timing, and just enjoying themselves. I will look them up on the webs when I get home. I will also look up the next band, the Messonges. These were also great, a bit of a No Doubt/U2 rocky pop sound. I have really missed my career in music reporting haven’t I!! By 10.30 I was ready for bed, but just as I dropped off the fireworks started. I got dressed quickly, which is difficult in my small tent, and went to watch. What fantastic fireworks! The French know how to do it. Set from a platform in the middle of the lake, it was no less than 30mins of real, genuine, ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’. What a treat!

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