I really shouldn’t…

…write blogs at night!
[written on August 16th]
I am usually tired and waiting for food- two bad things for me! I then moan about how awful the day has been! After food I go for a walk (when it isn’t raining) and usually meet someone to talk to. Then I read my Bible and pray and I always feel much better. God is being so good to me each day, even in the rain. I then sleep, usually pretty well, and always feel good in the morning, ready for the challenges of the day, even when it is raining!
When it was still raining after breakfast today I decided to book into the hostel for another night and spend the day in Strasbourg. Some of that time has been spent sorting out sending email, which might even work on my Sim, rather than having to wait for wifi. Whatever us travellers think of McDonald’s, we are quick to sell our souls to capitalism for €1.50 for a coffee (bad coffee too) and free wifi and clean toilet!

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7 Responses to I really shouldn’t…

  1. Rach Anness says:

    Ah i’m so glad you’re feeling God’s hand Chris. I really don’t know many people that could ever do what you’re doing!! well done! praying for your safety and encouragement. thanks for keeping this blog too so we can stay updated!

  2. Maggie says:

    Hear hear to Rachel’s reply!!! Great to hear all the news- shame to hear that it gets a bit lonely at times- keep remembering He never leaves you or forsakes you!! And if it gets too much you can always call in at Roma!!!

  3. Gerry Henderson says:

    Oh Chris the weather sounds miserable. Thinking of you so much. Praying it will clear up for you and you will meet lots of other people. Keep going, don’t give up. Gerry and Jason.

  4. Lilly says:

    I was really encouraged by this blog Chris. So glad to hear you’re spending some good time with the Lord each day and that he’s speaking to you. Like the others said, it’s such a blessing to have His presence with us always and wherever we are :o)

    Safe travels to you. Enjoy the ride!

  5. chramm says:


  6. Tired, hungry and having a moan – no change there then..! I think you’ll be forgiven though, under those circumstances… So glad you got your phone back – there are still a few good, honest people around after all… Stay strong xx

  7. Robert and Sandra Hird says:

    Hi Chris,

    Your Dad has just emailed your website, what an adventure, hope you are well and keep up the good work. We have sunshine and temp over 35 degs here in France today.

    Hope you are well, take care

    Sandra and Robert. (In case you have forgotten Kaths brother).

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