Strasbourg (part 2)

Tucked away in the corner, hemmed in by the river, is Petite France. It has mostly original buildings and used to be the tanner’s district so purpose-built houses that are stunning. It is really a special little place, with a delightful atmosphere too. Everyone is sitting around in the outdoor cafes and enjoying being here, with the river floating by, decorated with flower baskets along the banks.

Then there is Petite France at night! I came back to see an exhibition, and found a buzzing, fun place to be! The same hanging around but now with a brass band and even better atmosphere. I am more than willing to pay for the over-priced biere to sit here and enjoy it.

The exhibition I came to see was an exhibition of bibles, in a church right on the main square of Petite France. Guttenberg, who invented the printing press, lived here and the first thing he printed was The Bible. They have a display of many bibles from over the years, and ones from loads of different languages too. What a glorious display of The Word of Life going to all tribes and nations! And such a joy to see the people running the exhibit who obviously love The Bible and the God who wrote it. They are working hard at this ministry engaging with everyone who comes in!

I also wanted to make note of a guy I chatted to for a while, in the hostel (one of the few people I saw- a very strange hostel!) His name is Stan, and he is originally from Poland, but is now ‘from’ Australia, but is working in Germany for 10yrs. He was on a tour of old buildings, esp. cathedrals. He taught me a lot about European history and he even mentioned The War, but I think he got away with it!

Petite France

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