Day 10…

…has been flat and therefore quick! It has also been pretty much in a straight line; that of the Canal du Rhin au Rhone. Not so busy with boats, but teaming with wildlife. I saw 5 kingfishers, loads of herons, a few storks (I think?) and lots of other birds. I also saw quite a few water voles. Then when the canal path stopped it was like hopping over the fields from church spire to church spire, from one decorated water to another, from one idyllic little village to the next, all with shops that only open on Jeudi and Samedi!

I hope my positive feel at the end of the day isn’t just because it was flat, because that would not bode well for later this week, and next! I don’t think it was just that. It would have taken longer with hills thrown in, but it was a good distance, about 75km, and I did it in about 4 1/2 hrs. Which meant arriving in Colmar at 2.30pm.

The weather was still pretty drab and frequent showers, but nothing to take the skin off my face like Monday! Then just as I was putting up my dry tent, the sun came out! It continued to hide behind big black clouds every few minutes but it stayed all evening.

So, I unloaded the bike and headed into town. Colmar is not at all what I was expecting, for a start it is much bigger. It is not dissimilar to Strasbourg, although I guess that might be the case for most of the cities round this area? There was much more of the old city around which meant it wasn’t as centred and therefore not so much atmosphere. I was looking for a square to sit in and have a biere, but to no avail.

I am seriously reconsidering my route through Italy. Rather than a mostly anonymous route down the east, maybe I’ll head down the more famous west and head for Rome, then a train? I’ll think more when/if I get over the alps.

If this works it will be the first time I have updated on consecutive days I think, and from the actual places I am in!!

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7 Responses to Day 10…

  1. Dad and Kath says:

    Hi cHris you’re sounding a bit more upbeat thank goodness ,glad you’ve had a bit of sunshine and been able to see a bit more Keep your chin up love Dad + Kath

  2. Dr Doolittle at work again..! Did you realise Steve used to live in Colmar Chris..? Have a look at Petite Venice while you’re there – and take some photos if you can; he’s wondering whether it’s changed much. Relax and Enjoy… Mum x

  3. Lilly says:

    Glad to hear it’s going better Chris and you’re enjoying it. Sounds lovely.
    I reckon God’s been answering some prayers for sunshine and straight paths for you!
    I pray you keep close to Him wherever your path takes you and that you have time each day to meditate on His word and be encouraged by it :o)


  4. Kath Evans says:

    Enjoying reading your blogs Chris and glad that things are a little easier. Whatever route you take will be the best for you and I am sure you will be guided in your decision. You have an amazing faith…..Take care,
    Kath & Pete..xx

  5. Maggie says:

    cool- let us know if your route does change! Keep going!!! 🙂

  6. Steve says:

    Hi Chris, the Rhine Valley it a fantastic part of the world, I’m very envious of your journey and visiting Colmar where I lived for 18 months in the early 80’s. However you have even more spectacular scenery to come as you venture into Switzerland and northern Italy. Enjoy it, and good luck.

  7. from Lynda and Trevor says:

    Hi Chris we are reading your messages it is wonderful that you have such great support!!! We went out for a meal with mavis and colin last night she asked for your email address so i’m sure you will be recieving a message or two, also from nina. We are sending you lots of love also love from teresa

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