Day 12…(short version)

…is jam-packed full of news, and is encouraging because there were big hills and I still enjoyed it!
If you do not want to read all the details in a rambling blog of my day then read this one and feel free to stop there, ignore the next post. If, however you are interested and sit doing very little all day like Maggie, then skip this and read all the details in the next post. Here goes, my day in short…
Drunk English people on campsites are an embarrassment, but that meant I met Stefan and Sumi who I cycled with for a while today. Stefan gave me his handlebar grips, how generous! We then separated and as I continued it changed to big climbs, although these may be nothing this time next week? Having company this morning meant more socialising and less riding so it was quite a late start in the end. I arrived in Aurau to find the next campsite is 30km away, but they do home camping! So I am now camped in someone’s garden, which sounds much more positive an experience than it is!!!

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One Response to Day 12…(short version)

  1. Maggie says:

    Cheeky- i have only just read this as I have been very very busy holidaying in Roma!!!!

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