Day 13…

…started as usual with me packing everything up, and then continued much the same as usual. The sun was shining and the scenery is beautiful. I stopped and had lunch and a paddle in Sursee, and even a bit of a nap in the shade. There were a few stretches of cycle path through the forest that was cool and beautiful. No hills, which made for a good time, and I pulled into Lucerne about 230pm. The ride in along the river was also spectacular, with the weir open and the water gushing!!

My only complaint is how expense Switzerland is, even the campsite, which is made worse by staying two nights.

As I said in my last post, I am immediately attracted by Lucerne. It is vibrant, beautiful, lovely to just walk around. I have never put up the tent, showered and gone out so quick! I have spent the evening doing a walking tour of the main parts of the city and its bridges. I have found the church I will head to in the morning, and I found info about boats across the lake. I am now heading back to the site, via a supermarket to buy food for today and tomorrow, it is too dear to eat out!

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4 Responses to Day 13…

  1. I’m so envious Chris… Never been to Lucerne but I love Switzerland in general; you must be in your element. Enjoy your expensive weekend there – it’s only money..! Mom x

  2. Gerry Henderson says:

    Keep going Chris. you are doing amazing. Enjoy church. Gerry and Jason.

  3. Fordies says:

    looks beautiful! Which church did you go to? We may be heading to Switzerland on the train some time…you are going to be so fit, R has been cycling into Paris…really enjoying your blogs, bonne continuation!

    • chramm says:

      I went to the Inernational Evangelical Church. Nice place. Enthusiastic pastor! They were very focussed on next weekends anniversary celebrations so not as visitor friendly as they might have been! Good to praise God with his people though!

      -original message- Subject: [cHris cycles to Kephalonia] Comment: “Day 13…”

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