Day 14…

…is what rest days should be like! I am so glad I am a day behind, because staying here only one night would be a shame, despite the expense.
Campsites always wake up early, so it was a usual start, but then a leisurely breakfast of eggs and coffee and fresh bread and cheese!

Then a leisurely ride along the lake to church. It is always good to be with brothers and sisters in Christ, and they were all very excited about their 30th anniversary next weekend!
Then a stroll/ride around the city again. All the shops were closed for Sunday apart from the touristy ones and the restaurants, but the place is still full of activity in the sunshine, especially along the lakeside.

Then I headed back to the tent for a nap and a lazy afternoon. I did my washing, planned the next couple of days, napped a bit more. Then I went for a swim in the lake! I love swimming in lakes and rivers, there is just something more invigorating about natural bodies of water.Lucerne
Bible Delights continues to be a thrill, really bringing Psalm 119 into light and therefore all God’s Word!!

All in all a relaxing, restful day, which is what I need for the rest of the week. The weather forecasts for tomorrow are sketchy and even worse the next day. I have to be up early tomorrow for a boat, and then I have about 1000m to climb. So ‘showers’ might be welcome rather than today’s heat, but rain will be very discouraging. The next day I should cross the pass, and if it is bad weather I don’t think I’ll bother, I want spectacular views!

I have just been interrupted by a German/Aussie who wants to buy me a beer and hear about my trip! So much for an early night!


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2 Responses to Day 14…

  1. Andrew Sykes says:

    Hi Chris. Just been having a very brief look at your website on a slow internet connection… I’m heading back to the UK tomorrow morning and when I’m back on my super fast connection in my flat I’ll be reading every post from the last couple of weeks. I’m already jealous that you are still in the saddle and I’ve finished. Watch out for more comments later in the week!

    • chramm says:

      Wow, you’ve finished already? I can’t imagine! It was a tough start for me, but loving every minute now. Just pitched in Andermatt, you know it well!!

      -original message- Subject: [cHris cycles to Kephalonia] Comment: “Day 14…”

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