Day 15…

…has been immense! I am so glad I took the lake trip because I needed all the time and energy I had for the big climb!
A group of school children arrived on the boat about half way across, so it was fun giving them some English practice and seeing how impressed they were with my trip!

The first stretch from Fleulen was pretty much flat. As Andrew ( pointed out when he did this bit, much of the cycling in Switzerland has been flat, because they seem to congregate along the rivers. That is, until you get to the mountains. It also means that most of the climbing is saved till the last 6kms! As I approached, though, the surrounding mountains became very imposing, almost threatening, as if they were warning me not to go on! Although, even 10kms away from Andermatt I was starting to think it wasn’t so bad after all- then the switchbacks kicked in. As I say it was 500m up in the first 30km and then the last 500m up in the last 5km!

I stopped to take lots of photos. To those passing it may have looked as though I was taking lots of rests! It was very impressive to see the river, the railway, the motorway and my little road winding up the mountain crisscrossing each other.
It was also very nice to be encouraged by people as I climbed. I stopped in one lay by and a family, who had also stopped, insisted on giving me a sandwich. They were on a 10hr journey from Rome to Nancy. Then just about at the top a coach had pulled over for a particularly good view, having passed me earlier, and they insisted on giving me a beer! It went down a treat.

So I am now at about 1500m in Andermatt, where the campsite is the parking area for the ski resort, so we are right next to the cable cars. It started to rain just as I was putting up the tent, but it has abated now.
The forecast for tomorrow is OK, not good, but OK. I feel OK; tired but not exhausted, and think I should manage the last 600m or so to the top. I will wait and see what the weather does in the morning! Tomorrow I may be in Italy, having crossed the Alps!!

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7 Responses to Day 15…

  1. Kath Evans says:

    Well done Chris, your route and altitude had Andy surfing the net last night, no doubt very envious of the challenge and scenery that you are experiencing, better than cycling to West Bromwich!!! Good luck as you go over the top,
    Kath & Pete

  2. Dad and Kath says:

    Keep it up Chris !!!It sounds like you’re taking it in your stride, the less you think about what you are doing the easier it sometimes becomes We,re sure you are well up to the challenge It sounds a wonderful place… Nan sends her best wishes and lots of love as do we all L O L Dad & Kath

  3. Go Chris…! You may be nervous but you always did fair better when under pressure. And you’ve always liked a challenge, so I’ve no doubt you’ll make it. Just keep singing that beautiful hymn to yourself. You will be exhilarated when you get to the top. Remember to post a photo..! Mom x

  4. from Lynda and Trevor says:

    Hi Chris sounds like an amazing trip we are so proud of what you are dealing with been reading all the messages which show what great support you have. Sounds like you have met some fab people. Keep going we are thinking about you and sending you lots of love along with nan

  5. Dad and Kath says:

    Come on Chris we,re all waiting with bated breath to see where you are

  6. Matt says:

    Just read through all your blogs start to finish. Found it quite emotional seeing the rollercoaster of emotions you’ve gone through with the weather and all. Sounds like you’re really starting to enjoy it now and I’m sure the people are making it worthwhile.
    Keep on pushing and we’ll see you soon. You’re doing fantastically well. Big love and God bless x x x

  7. JonnyClare says:

    Christophe, did you make it over the top yet? Hope so! Lots of rain here today and I was hoping you were not experiencing the same?! Keep going!

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