Day 17…

…was back to normal cycling. A 600m climb out of Bellinzona, which was tough on the legs after two hard climbing days. Bellinzona looked like an interesting town, but I chose not to stop- there have to be some ‘casualties.’ This side is much less ‘alpine’ and although there are still mountains around me, it doesn’t feel like the Alps.

I had a choice today. The guys last night recommended a campsite in Ango, about 55km away. I got there at 130pm and had to decide whether to stay, or go on. It was by the lake and I wanted time to check my bike over, but it was early, and if I pushed I could make it to Como and be back on schedule. I decided to press on.

An hour later I saw a beach by the lake and needed to stop for lunch and I remembered again that I am on holiday, so I stopped. I had lunch and a swim, which was delightful in between the mountains, and a pair of swans with four huge cygnets was also swimming with us!

When I got back on the road my drive to get back on schedule was gone, so I am now stopped in Melano to the south-west side of Logano, still by the lake. The sunset was beautiful as I swam and I tightened and lubricated my bike too.
One thing I realised is that, other than sparrows, there was very little wildlife up on the pass. This side, though, there is the addition of lizards! Lots darting across the cycle paths.

Tomorrow I have more decisions…
I will go into Como, Italy at last, and buy a map. Then I must decide where to head. I don’t think, at my pace, I will make it all the way to Brindisi in time. So, do I take a west coast route and get the train at the end if I need to, or get a train to Genova tomorrow and start heading for Rome, and have a bit more time to see the more touristy places on the east coast?

Having crossed the pass I need something new to aim for in the short-term. I have learnt that I am not a cyclist, I am a tourist on a bike!

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  1. Lets hope you begin to see a lot more sunshine too..!

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