Day 18…

…has been an easy day, but I needed it. Although, when you make one compromise it just escalates doesn’t it! First it is a train for 150km, then it is staying in a double room in a hotel. What next? Well you can’t cook your own dinner in a hotel so I am now sitting in Antico Caffè Laiolo awaiting my rissoto ai funghi. Don’t worry, it is a cheap cafe, not even a restaurant! And the room is only double because they have no singles left so it is the price of a single.

I left Melano, after fixing a puncture, and had a straight forward ride into Como, Italy; following my last number 3 sign. From now on I am navigating on my own again, but I now have a map, which helps.

I had a 30min stop-over on the train journey, so what do you do with half an hour in Milan? You nip out into the sunshine and take pictures of your bike in front of the station, that’s what.

The train ride was hot! There were already six bikes in all the slots on the train so I had to sit in the bike section, with no a/c, and hold my bike. For some reason another guy, who I learnt was called Igor, also needed to sit in the bike cabin! He seemed to be a bit of a hobo, although he spoke excellent English. He spoke to me for most of the journey about how corrupt the British government are, and how they killed Princess Di etc.

I got into Genova at 630pm which meant that the tourist office was closed. A quick phone call to get Mum to look for a close campsite or hostel on the webs was to no avail and it was getting late, so I found the cheapest hotel I could, and plumped for a night of luxury!
Genova is a big, bustling, intimidating town when you just arrive and need to find somewhere to stay! After dinner I will go for a wander and maybe it will grow on me?
(the puncture today was in my bike tyre, and the last puncture was in my sleeping mat, not map, and the patch didn’t seem to work.)


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2 Responses to Day 18…

  1. Kath Evans says:

    I love to start my day reading your blogs, you are doing so well Chris. You are obviously meeting some very different characters on your journey. Rome beckons then and will not disappoint. Hope that the rain is behind you now and the scenery and people you meet will enrich your life further.
    Kath x

  2. from Lynda and Trevor says:

    Hi Chris cannot tell you how proud we are of you. Saw Della today and she sends her love she is enjoying reading your blogs. sounds as if things are a little easier now hope the weather is better and that the rest of your journey is pleasurable and relatively trouble free lots of love Lynda, Trevor and nan xx

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