I made it…

…to the top of the Saint Gotthard pass! I am not about to say it was easy, 3hrs of climbing, but it hasn’t killed me either!
Quite busy up here, and remarkably drab. Not at all pretty. Even the surrounding peaks are magnificent and grand, but I wouldn’t say pretty.
Of course this may be because as I pulled into the little village at the top, I was also pulling into a cloud and it has been raining since, with brief sunny spells. All down hill from here!!

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4 Responses to I made it…

  1. Andrew says:

    Many congratulations on the achievement; being one of the few people to have done what you did, I know how it feels!!! Now you have done the St Gotthard, nothing is beyond you 🙂 Well done.

  2. Excellent..! Well done, I knew you’d do it… When you’ve achieved something like that, like Andrew said, you can achieve anything. The Tew family are all very proud of you. Mom xx

  3. David Wahl says:

    Good work, and congrats, man! Boy, that’s a heck of a bike setup you got there 🙂

  4. Dad and Kath says:

    At last, we can only assume your phone had died ..Well done I knew you ‘d do it.It must have felt very exhilerating and very satisfying ..A great achievement… Not long now till we see you L O L Dad & Kath

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