On the train again…

…to Genova this time. I got to Como, a nice town on the lake, most definitely Italian (my sixth country), and bought a map.

I think it may just be exhaustion but I looked at the map and thought, ‘I just can’t be bothered, I’m bored with cycling! So, I thought having an easy day and getting a long way is just what I need. I think I need more than one day of rest a week. After all, I am just not used to this much physical exertion! The guys in Claro suggested that the ride from here to the coast is not too interesting anyway, I guess I’ll never know.

Anyway, the plan is to train it to Genova, then make my way down the coast toward Rome. Going down the East coast would be difficult on my own I think. A beautiful view is just another beautiful view when you are on your own. And as quaint as a village might be, if I am worn out from pushing it cycling all day I only get to see the campsite and maybe chat to the person in the tent next door! West coast has a few places I have heard of, which will satisfy the tourist in me.

Possibly I may get to Pisa in two days, if it is not too hilly, and spend Sunday there being a tourist- does anyone know of a church in Pisa?
So I have a short-term plan, and not such an immense task ahead (I will be happy to get a train from Rome) so tomorrow I should be raring to go!!

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