Day 20…

…is what I’m talking about. A great day cycling, in the sunshine, by the sea!
Rain during the night cleared the air a bit, but only a bit! My little tent gets quite hot and I am reluctant to leave my hatch open for fear of being eaten by the mozzies!

This morning started with a shock! As I looked at the map I realised that I was in a big cul-de-sac! Another km down the road I was on was the end of the road. So last night when I thought I was knocking mileage (how do you say that in km?) off today and enjoying the downhills, I was actually adding to it. As it turned out it was only adding about 7km rather than the full 15km but much of it was up.

Anyway, I was all set with a good attitude to get all the way to Pisa so a couple of hours climb to start with was no problem. Then I dropped to the coast again, and then stayed on the coast most of the way! Apart from being flat (the headwind was bearable), it was also very interesting. A kind of mix between the boulevards of Miami, lined with palm trees, and the resorts of NW England. Apart from the sunshine, some of the places were not dissimilar to Skegness. Tacky stalls selling inflatables and beach games, wind breakers knocked in the sand, arcades, big trampolines!

Then I faced the usual problem of getting into town and ended up on a very busy dual-carriageway for the last 10km. I cycled into Pisa looking for the info office for camping info, so I saw the tower briefly, but I will look around properly this evening and tomorrow. My initial impression is of a town with a famous tower that has found more things for people to visit too- we’ll see.
The campsite is good. Great, cheap shop and nice pool (although ‘pool caps’ are compulsory and cost €2,50!) I am sitting in my swimsuit because all my other clothes are in the dryer having been washed. Just imagine the Levi advert!

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6 Responses to Day 20…

  1. Anne says:

    We’re in awe Chris… keep singing songs as you go up the hills! Well done and enjoy the pizzas. Annefromcamp

  2. JonnyClare says:

    we are so proud of you!stop feeling you have to justify getting the train – you have cycled further distances un the past few weeks than im sure most people will in their whole lives! hope you can find a church tomorrow. Baby Christopher sends his love!

  3. Dad and Kath says:

    Chris ,just to reiterate what everyone is saying you have’nt got anything to prove, you are now getting some good weather so enjoy the good bits and get the train for the not so good bits we all think you’re doing an amazing thing so enjoy it. Lots of love Dad & Kath

  4. Jess says:

    just managed to read all your blog. Having been away with no internet access, we’ve not been able to look at it. Sounds like you’re having an amazing time, and on the train far less than i’d have been! thanks for the text. Josiah laughted at your underwwear comment. with love The Hemstock x x

  5. Gerry Henderson says:

    So pleased the weather has got better for you. Enjoy your tour of Pisa. Gerry and Jason. x

  6. Too much rain, too much sun – sounds like you can’t win either way…! Enjoy your precious day day off and, as everyone agrees, don’t feel guilty about getting the train, a lesser person would have got the train home long ago..!! Love ya lots, Mom xx

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