Day 26…

…is the day I am mistaken for a ‘pilgrim’ more than once. The difficulty is knowing what they mean. Some who asks that question may mean, ‘Are you on a journey to Rome following the Via Francigena?’ To which the answer is ,’Yes’ because I am on a journey to Rome that happens to be following the basic route of the said Via. Others, however, mean, ‘Are you visiting Rome because it is a Holy City, and doing it by bike to earn extra points for getting to heaven?’ To which the answer is, ‘No, I don’t believe Rome is any more holy than any other city, and I don’t need any points to get to heaven because Jesus has done it all for me, as if travelling somewhere could do any good anyway!’ Urgh. I was more polite than that to the nun that asked me! (Sola fide! Was about all I could manage!)

Last night got much better. I think two main factors were involved. Firstly Nazza, from Afghanistan, came over for a chat. His English was only slightly better than my Fasci, or Italian, but we managed. I think he was working there for the summer. The second was food! They had a small restaurant which I think is mainly ‘you can have some of what they are cooking for the staff’, which of course is meat. When I said I am Vegetarian he said he would make something. Well, he just kept bringing course after course, well 3 in total, and they were all delicious. I was dreading the bill, but he made it especially so I couldn’t refuse. I only just managed it all and I was still full this morning! When it came time to pay he said he would put it on my bill- thankfully when I came to pay this morning it was very reasonable.

After the inevitable climb to start it was then a lot of downhill. A brief stop in Sutri, an interesting town with a Roman amphitheatre and network of tombs. Another climb into the bowl for Lago di Bracciano but I was there before lunchtime, so pressed on for Roma. The whole journey was more down hill than anything and I got here to the campsite north of the city in good time. Good time for a swim in the pool, that is, and I also got all my washing done (think Levi ad again!)

I resisted the pull to dash into the city, and rather relaxed in the campsite bar ready for a full touristic day tomorrow!

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