Day 27 Roma…

…is, after all, just another big city. But it is definitely in the top three!
You may think this was a day off from cycling, but you’d be wrong. I have cycled all over Roma starting with the 50min ride in along the Tiber River.

I only just made the 9am walking tour around the Forum and the Colosseum. I came to Roma ten years ago, and saw ‘everything’ but I didn’t go into the Colosseum, so that is the one thing I wanted to do this time. The tour guide was good, and although my Roman history is not good, it is now a little better. I then just cycled all over, seeing countless fountains and temples and ruins of various kinds. It was fun, although I didn’t wear my cycling shorts so I have a sore bum now.

Then back to the campsite for swim and food. On the way back I got to thinking, I didn’t see any of ‘today’s’ Roma. Is there any? Thinking back to the last time, I didn’t then either. Where are the contemporary sights, the houses of parliament, the theatres, today’s speakers corner? I’ve seen all the ancient versions.

Also, how come I was never a tour guide?

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2 Responses to Day 27 Roma…

  1. Hi Chris, you made it to Rome, well done..! I know that has been a major mile stone for you on this journey and you’re now 3/4 of the way to Kefalonia – if you had travelled by car you would have done 1,300 miles (ish) so far, so goodness knows how many miles you’ve done on your bike..!!

    By the way, I wondered about modern day Rome too; it seems to be going on but behind the walls of ancient Rome, you just don’t see it. And that is in-between the long lazy lunches followed by the looong siestas, followed by the the long, late evening meals… My sort of place..! Mom x

  2. …. and you could have been a tour guide – you’re successful at everything you do…!

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