Day 28…

…was another great day off! This morning I was guest of Rome Baptist Church. I think when a church declares itself to be ‘International’ it means American, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. After church I had a brief walk around a bit more of the city, different part to yesterday, and then headed back to the campsite. Pool time, tea time, chill out!

There is now the pressing matter of the plan for this week. The biggest problem for me, on the cycling side of things, is the lack of short-term goals. Places to aim for. It is too far to cycle the whole thing so how do I decide which bits to cycle and which to train? My plan at the moment is this:

  • Monday: cycle in to the station and get a train to Napoli, find a campsite a little way out of the city, so I have to cycle there!
  • Tuesday: Day trip cycle to Pompeii, visit the ruins and back to Napoli.
  • Wednesday: Train to Bari, which could be a long convoluted trip on regional trains with a bike!
  • Thursday/Friday/Saturday: Cycle from Bari to Brindisi to catch the ferry! Let’s see of this happens!?
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3 Responses to Day 28…

  1. Kath Evans says:

    Those 28 days seem to have passed very quickly…maybe not to you! Enjoy the rest of your trip, not long now until you are on the ferry to Kephalonia. You have done so well Chris,
    Kath & Pete

  2. Dad and Kath says:

    What a fantastic trip it must have been so far chris you’ve done amazingly well. You’ve done the hard bit so just enjoy sight seeing and let the train take the strain see you soon love Dad & Kath

  3. chramm says:

    It has gone quickly, although some days didn’t feel like it at the time!
    This time next week I’ll be in Ceph, with a bed to sleep in!!!

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