Day 30…

…has been very interesting, but somewhat inevitably cycle-less. The €1 price of a metro ticket just makes it too worth while, so that is what I took, through Napoli, out to Pompei.

What a remarkable place. A whole city with the top sliced off at about 7m high. So well preserved and therefore not at all difficult to imagine people living there. The ruins in Rome are so huge it is hard to imagine Ceasar as being a normal sized person, like us. Here, however, it is almost as if the people have just left. There is even still writing on the wall and paintings half-finished with the painters collapsed in front if it, with paint still in the pots! They have made casts of the bodies which is quite chilling to see, but with Mount Vesuvius looming over-head it seems so real. Life has not changed so much.

Then after a swim back at the campsite, I went on a walk around the volcano crater I am camping in; Vulcano Solfatara. Last night there was a group of Vulcanologist Masters’ students on a field trip and I asked them how you decide this is inactive. They all laughed and said, ‘This is definitely active. It is spurting out sulphur and CO2 all the time!’ So the information book is wrong. It smells terribly of sulphur and I didn’t get all the way round because I nearly threw up. So I didn’t get to see the cave that the Roman’s thought was the entrance to Hell!!
The coastline along here in Pozuolli is also gorgeous. I wasn’t really looking last night when I arrived. For all that Napoli isn’t great, it is worth it as a staging post for the things around it!

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