Day 31…

…went pretty much to plan, and all the stresses were completely unnecessary! The coach wended its way through the hills, that I was thankful not to be climbing under my own steam; although I am frustrated to have to add another mode of transport to the list! It also felt even worse than a train, because I was now following roads I could have cycled, and we even passed some cyclists!

We arrived in Foggia 25 mins late, but thankfully my connection time was 40 mins. No teeth sucking this time, the train allowed bikes and I arrived in Bari without a hitch, although it had started to rain. The dark clouds made it worse, but the nights are certainly drawing in! It was dark by 730 tonight, the first time I have had to pitch my tent by torch light.

Bari is another port town, and I was arriving by train, yet it is immediately likeable. You come out of the station and there is a decorative circle with a beautiful fountain the middle. The tourist office was still open too, on one edge of the circle! I found a campsite 5km down the coast and here I am. Only 110km to Brindisi, although that is probably motorway so it will be a bit further, but easily done in 3 days. I am actually looking forward to doing a bit of cycling again!!

day c31 bari

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