Day 31…

…could turn out to foil my final plans. It is hopefully my last train day with Bari to Brindisi easily achievable in 3 days.

Last night I enjoyed a beer with Frans and Inga from Holland and, whilst chatting to them, the news spread around the campsite that it was going to rain! I woke a few times during the night expecting to hear the pitter patter, but no. So as soon as I woke this morning I got up and packed everything away in the dry. It was a good call because the rain started as I had breakfast! It was light rain, and the ride into Napoli was fine despite it. I think this is the heaviest traffic I have contended with, but I kind of enjoyed it for a while. You just have to hold your ground and pray that the cars stop! I arrived at the station with plenty of time to spare.

Travelling by train would be so much simpler if people were perfect and didn’t make mistakes! I thought I was being hyper-organised on Monday as I arrived in Napoli and went straight to the train info desk to get times and tickets for Bari today. The lady initially sucked her teeth and said it was not possible, bit I insisted that I don’t mind changing trains, or how long it takes. She sucked her teeth a bit more and clicked her computer and came up with a schedule, only two changes. She sold me tickets for the second two parts but I needed to buy a local ticket today for the first part.

I went to the info desk to check what kind of ticket I needed and she also checked the other info for some reason. She shook her head and said, ‘No bike.’ The first train on my schedule does not take bikes! The next one that does gets in with 8 mins to spare till the connection…


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