Day 32…

…is remarkably similar to the first week, weather wise. Maybe it will end how it started? Then we will see if I have learnt anything!

The first thing to notice about Puglia, the region of Italy I am now in, is that it closed last week. Imagine Skegness out of season. There is much evidence of a thriving tourist scene; rows of beach umbrellas, countless bars and snack shops along the sea front- all closed! It seems like the campsites want to be closed too, but are being forced to stay open. Camping S. Stephano is in a lovely location, and when the mini-market and bar were open last week I can imagine it was a bustling place. Now, not helped by the rain, it is deserted!

It hasn’t been like this all day though. It was dry this morning, in fact some rain overnight cleared the air a bit so it was cooler than it was when I went to bed. The campsite last night was much the same as this, so I packed up straight away and headed out to hunt for breakfast. The coast road, which I have followed most of the day, is delightful. I was heading for Monôpoli, so I could get there just after lunch and then spend the afternoon in the sea! I am so glad that I didn’t stick to that. When I pulled into S. Vito, the little bay with crystal clear water was just too inviting! There were lots of others, it seems locals, swimming too so I changed and dived in. It was delightful.

I timed it just right too, because as I sat in the sun and dried off, it got cooler and a big cloud came over. I stopped at a supermarket in the next town and as I did the thunder-storm began! Impressive clouds though. After about an hour the thunder and lightning has stopped, so I donned my waterproofs and set-off arriving here in the outskirts of Monôpoli soaking wet. The rain did abait a little to allow me to put up the tent, so everything is, as yet, still dry. They have a small covered picnic area where I now sit, and will probably spend the evening! Monôpoli looks interesting, but not interesting enough to get soaked finding out.

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One Response to Day 32…

  1. Having spoken to you several times on the phone recently, I realised I haven’t left any comments on your blog… And, as you said, everyone attending ‘The Wedding’ are now either there or on their way there, so no one is leaving messages for you now…

    We’re all still reading your blogs though, everyone I’ve met recently (too many to mention as I’ve told everyone I know) have asked me how you’re doing and to pass on their regards and wish you well. They’re full of admiration for you..!

    I, of course, remain as proud as ever..! Mom x

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