Day 34…

Sam…started with meeting my little brother from the train. He’s great. His
girlfriend, too. We then wandered around Brindisi, chatting, sitting for a while, wandering a bit, then sitting for a while. There is not an awful lot to do and see in Brindisi but it is a pleasant place to sit and wander, thankfully.

We headed for the port with plenty of time to spare, Sam and Carly on the free shuttle bus and me on my bike, and we boarded the Ionian Queen, ready to go.
I feel like I am gearing up to say ‘but…’ and then explain everything that went wrong, but it didn’t. All went to plan.

boatAfter a quick explore of the various decks and facilities (the pool has no water in it) we found a place to make base and sat, waiting to leave. I am quite excited to be going on a boat trip! I wonder if I will be as excited in 13hrs time?
The bar on board is playing traditional Greek music to get us in the mood, and it is working. I have had some good times in Italy, but I don’t love it as many do. I am ready to head for Greece.

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