Arrival in Cephalonia…

…was far from anti-climatic! For a start the ferry drama! After a calm down and a sleep, the frustration subsided a little, and was then forced out by a phone call. The phone call was from Carolyn, The Producer!

A couple of weeks ago we all got an email from my sister, to whose wedding I travel, saying that she is taking part in a reality TV documentary. UKTV are making a series of documentaries about British couples getting married in Greece, and one such episode will be my sister’s. My cycle trip is evidently a point of interest to this story, so Carolyn was phoning to arrange my ‘arrival’. (The cameras will be around for next few days!) Basically, they were having my sister, Katie, and her fiancé, Matt, waiting for me in a bar down the road, and they wanted to film me cycling off the ferry and then interview me before meeting up with the family. So the final cycle of my journey was captured on film.

Actually it was my final four cycles, as we had to do it from a few different angles. My Dad, my Aunt and Uncle as well as Katie and Matt and James, Matt’s Dad, were there to meet me and to give a big cheer- even if it was partly for the cameras! After the ‘welcome’ I unloaded the bike for the last time and loaded it into a car. It was all captured on film, but I doubt it was interesting enough to be used.


Then I got to actually see everyone properly, and chill-out a bit. Headed back to the villa I am staying in with My Mum and Steve, who had also arrived by then, had a shower and settled in.

Sam and Carly got a bus a bit further along the coast and then eventually caught a ferry and another bus, and arrived just before 9pm!

So, we are all here, ready for the wedding on Tuesday! I am not going to blog every day this week as it is not technically part of my ‘journey.’ However, I might post a bit about the wedding; the reason for the journey, and I might have a day cycle trip over the island so I will document that too, if it happens.
Then next Saturday I get multiple boats and trains to get home, so I will post final blogs then.

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