Day 35…

…was meant to be an exciting arrival and celebration, but has turned into one of those days that makes you kick the wall in frustration as you think over the events!

To start with, Sam, Carly and I didn’t get the best nights sleep on the ferry so we were all tired. During the night the ferry made a stop and lost time, so we got into Patras three hours late at 1225 with our next ferry leaving at 1230. I cycled ahead to see if I could stall it whilst Sam and Carly followed with their luggage. I got there, explained the situation and managed to get them to wait. It was about a 10 min walk and as I was standing on the ramp I could see them coming across the port. The crew urged me to take my bike into the cycle area and assured me that they would wait. As I was locking my bike I get a phone call from Sam. ‘Where are you?’
‘I’m just locking my bike, I’ll meet you on deck.’
‘What do you mean? Are you on the ferry?’
‘Yes, where are you?’

The crew were true to their word, and had waited for them. But as Sam started up the ramp he couldn’t see me and thought that I might not be on so hesitated. They had started lifting the ramp and said they would not wait any longer, either he got on or off. He chose to get off.

I did quite a bit of shouting, trying to get them to do something to get them on, but it wasn’t possible. So I now have three hours on a boat, running the situation over and over again in my mind, trying not to be too frustrated. It will be sad to arrive without them.


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2 Responses to Day 35…

  1. Fordies says:

    just let us know you got there safely as the scenario of Chris needing to be whisked off to glory via a ferry calamity while the others still had work to do on earth may worry the sensitivities of some…!

  2. ruth golton says:

    Come back to Allestree Chris all is forgiven – we are missing you!

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