Wedding Day…

…not mine!

The main reason for my journey has been to attend my sister’s wedding, here in Cephalonia. It is a lovely place, although I am not sure it is a beautiful as I expected or had been led to believe. Maybe I am just done on scenery for this year?

Wedding SelfieThe wedding was a fun day, and it seems that everyone enjoyed it a lot. Mr and Mrs Rayner (my sis and her husband) were very kind to present me with a t-shirt, commemorating my trip, during the speeches!

The sun shone all day, the dancing went on into the night, although I was a asleep in on the sofa! Having it all filmed for the documentary added a unique dimension to it all, which was also fun.

Personally it was a little strange for me to have different wings of my family, that are normally quite separate, all in the same party.
Now for 3 days holiday…

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