Biking in Cephalonia…

…is not quite the same! Maybe if I had a few more days I would have had a ride around, but with the wedding and all I only really had two days to do stuff. So, to at least see a bit further afield I hired a scooter! What fun, whizzing around the coastline. Good times!

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3 Responses to Biking in Cephalonia…

  1. Andrew says:

    Congratulations on having arrived in Greece and having done what you set out to do – fantastic! I especially liked the post about you being filmed as you arrived; I never got that treatment!!!
    So, where next?

    • chramm says:

      For some reason Land’s End to John O’Groats seems appealing?

      -original message- Subject: [cHris cycles to Kephalonia] Comment: “Biking in Cephalonia…”

  2. Kath Evans says:

    Well done Chris on your achievement, have just caught up with your blogs. Will look forward to seeing the video, trust you have had a wonderful time, have a good journey home…..trains and boats and bike???
    Kath & Pete xx

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