Day 37…

…has been non stop travelling, which is still not over!
It began at 1am when we docked at Igoumensta and a whole load of new people boarded with wide awake children who proceeded to run and shout around our nice quiet floor beds! I found a quieter place and managed another few hours.

The ferry was 10 mins early into Brindisi! It was strange arriving back in a place I have already visited. The first time that has happened. It means we knew where to go, and although I was now carrying my packed up bike, it was a straight forward route through town. I am very thankful that we arrived at the station in plenty of time because when I went to ask if there was an earlier train I could catch, it transpired that my ticket baffled them completely! It took ages for them to decide that all I needed was a €3 reservation and then it was fine. This left me with only a few minutes till the earlier train they had reserved for me, so my farewells to Sam and Carly were rushed, and I was on my own again! They are heading to Rome now, and have 10 days more euro-railing to do.

train back.jpgThe train ride up the east coast was covered in dark clouds for most of the way, with dramatic waves and wind-blown seas just metres away. A few castles and other interesting buildings and villages could be seen through the windows but I have no idea what they were! Bologna gives a good first impression. Sadly the left baggage would not take my bagged up bike so I was not able to spend my three hours wondering the city to see if it lives up to the first impression. The expensive meal in the restaurant next to the station can be ignored.

night train.jpgMy original plan was to get settled onto the night train and then finish writing this, but easier said than done! The only night train I have been on before was from Ukraine to Belarus and I remember it being much more comfortable. I remember having room to lie down in more than one position, and room to turn over. Not here. I am on the bottom of three bunks, which is basically the seat, and the top half of the back is folded down, so the shoulder rests are sticking down. I have about 10cm above my face. I had more room in my tent!

It is now 2am and although I have slept I woke feeling a bit claustrophobic so came out for a walk along the corridor. Looking out at the lights of the towns we are passing through unnoticed.

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