Day 36…

…is back on the road again. Well, technically I won’t be on much road at all, rather sea and rails.
goodbye.jpgIt was an early start and drive over the island, back to the port. As we have my bike to transport, now packed up in a bag, we needed two cars, so my Dad also came. We got there in plenty of time, so all made the first ferry without incident.
As we pulled away I didn’t feel sad to be leaving. I have enjoyed the week, but I am also looking forward to being home and getting on with the work God has planned for me in Allestree. I wouldn’t say I disliked Cephalonia, but I didn’t see what others see; ‘the perfect place to get married.’ Maybe I have just seen too many amazing places in the past few weeks?

Patras, on the mainland, is a lively place. The main streets seemed like it was night-time, with parties already started in the may bars. There was also a go-karting race going on through the streets which I managed to catch the beginning of before heading down to the next ferry.

We all made the next ferry too, Sam, Carly and I again. This time we leave at 1730 and are due to arrive at 0900. We had a fun pub quiz between the three of us, I won, and then tea. Then the wind rose and the sea got rough and Sam got sea-sick! After a while of sitting near the edge we settled for the night, on the floor.

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