Day 38…

…is The End. The end of 60hrs of consecutive travelling and the end of my whole journey.
I sent yesterdays post at about 2am this morning. Just after sending it we stopped at a tiny station, Domodossala, for what I guess was border control. I sat on the steps of the train to get some fresh air. Then suddenly, police came running through the small corridors of the train wielding guns! They asked my nationality, and then continued. No idea what it was all about.

I went back to my ‘ledge’, and managed to get back to sleep. When I awoke at 5am I noticed that the guy opposite me was lower. After a bit of fiddling around in the dark I managed to lower mine too and gain a few more valuable cms to roll over in! I think cattle are required to have more room when being transported. Waking up to green, deciduous trees and rolling hills was a delight. The landscape for the last few weeks has been pretty barren.

News spread through the train that we would be arriving at 1000, which was 45mins late. This gave me just 15mins to make the half hour journey across Paris to check my bike on the Eurostar! I resigned myself to not making it, but hurried along just in case. When I got there and asked for directions with my bike I just got sent to the normal check-in. At every stage I was expecting to be turned back with my bike, but it seems having it in a bag made it luggage, it even went through the x-ray scanner. I only had a couple of minutes before the whistle, but I made it.

The Eurostar arrived on time, giving me plenty of time to cross the station and easily catch my last train. I was met at Derby Station by my Mum, who dropped me off; both at the start of the whole journey from here in Derby and at the start of this last leg from Cephalonia! It is good to be home.home

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2 Responses to Day 38…

  1. JonnyClare says:

    Well done Chris!!Glad you are home safe and sound!

  2. Kath Evans says:

    Brilliant Chris….why is it that Mom’s are always there when you need them?? Have a good nights sleep in a comfy bed, you deserve it. Look forward to seeing you,
    Kath & Pete

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