… pronounced Chushk, is a village just outside Peje, pronounced Pay-a, in Kosova. It is a village with a recent history that is shocking and upsetting.
For two afternoons we are going out to Qyshk to do an ad-hoc holiday club session in the local communities. This is very well recieved by the children who flock to join in. One community has a large memorial in the middle with 47 names of local men who all died on 14th May 1999. Within my lifetime, occupying troups entered this village and rounded up all the men. Had I lived there it would have included me. They were then lined up, and shot. All the women, and their children, either hid in terror or watched in horror. I met some of these women and played with some of these fatherless children.
I am used to war memorials, and remember seeing some in Europe where Jews were herded up and sent away, but 1940s seems long ago. This is just 12yrs ago. I saw it on the news, but still had no idea, I now realise.
We have also learnt that in the minds of these Kosovars, the occupying force is associated with ‘Christianity’ and they would spray crosses as they worked. It is into this mindset that we are trying to share the ‘Good News’- it is not as straight forward as I am used to.
I am so ignorant of the evil that is at work in our world, and even more convinced of the need to tell people about Jesus- the only answer to it.

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