Summer 2011

Plans have started! Sadly I don’t have the same luxuries of holiday that I had last year so the 6 week trip is not even an option. Thankfully, this is also the case for a few other of my cycling friends, so we have started making plans.
We will be cycling from Bath to Biarritz, France. Just a couple of days down to Weymouth, then a ferry to St. Malo, then a lazy 10 days down the West of Francais. There will be six of us going, which should make it quite lively, and hopefully a lot of fun.
It should also be much less gruelling, both because I will have company and it will only be two weeks! Hopefully we will get better weather too.
Eurovelo 1 looks like the closest route, although we probably won’t be picking it up till Nantes, I am sure it will be a help.

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