Monday is the ideal day for me to cycle into work. On Tuesday and Wednesday I don’t finish till 10pm, and as I am not always in the office on Thursday and Friday that isn’t regular.
So today was the start of my new schedule…
All was going to plan. I got up a bit earlier, put on the cycling gear and set off. It is now an uphill start, then down and up a dip, then a long downhill and then up the rest of the way. I was about 15 mins in, at the top of the last downhill, when I realised I had not put my pannier on so had no clothes to change into, or the books I needed today! I turned around and headed home, by which point I was running late, and so drove in- Fail.

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2 Responses to Fail

  1. Andrew says:

    I did that once too; arrived at school withour my trousers! I had to turn around, go home and then cycle back to school (no car for me!). The thought of teaching the kids in Lycra was not a pleasant one. It was a nice day fortunetly… How has the commuting being going since?

    • chramm says:

      It has been going well. I am enjoying being back on the bike regularly! Yesterday it was nice enough for summer gear. It was nostalgic wearing the clothes I spent most of last summer in!

      As soon as I noticed I didn’t have my clothes I remembered your blog from when you did it, and remembered that you cycled home and back again- had I not had a meeting I like to think I would have done the same.

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