It feels like home!

I am back in my little tent, cooking my tea and writing a blog on my phone. I doubt anyone will read it as I am not sure anyone subscribed last summer, most people just checked the website every now and then! But it feels appropriate to write, and maybe the three subscribers will be interested?
I am just outside Kirtlington, Oxfordshire at a delightful campsite/farm. Tomorrow I am representing The North in the CGA Tournament (Countdown Golf Association.) Countdown is the new year camp I help on, so this is a bit of a reunion as well as a fun day of golf. I suppose I should apologise now to The North since I am not very good at golf.
Part of me was sad to arrive here by car; those memorable feelings of guilt that I had on the train! As I said, though, it feels very familiar to be sitting in my orange/green tent boiling water on my little trangia making pasta.
There are dark clouds overhead so it might rain tonight, although the forecast is good for tomorrow. Tea is ready!

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2 Responses to It feels like home!

  1. You are drunk on larger then.

  2. Howard says:

    Good photo, but best to tidy up first! Keep on blogging.
    Hope the rain holds off until you get back.

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