Day 1…

…is often the most difficult. Your body isn’t used to it, you are on familiar roads that seem to take ages to pass, and if it is in the south of this country then hills are inevitable.
That said, it has been a good day and spirits are still high. We did 50 miles, more or less. The first 10 was good, but hilly; the second 15 was less hilly and fun; the next 15 was pretty flat and sunny but then the fatigue set in and the last 10 was hard work. However, with the other 5 guys it was more than bearable.
It was great to catch up with those I know, and to start to get to know the others.
There were some big hills, but beautiful scenery and well worth it, even feeling very tired now!! I am sure the food tonight was lovely, but for me it was functional and it is doing the job.
One notable point was when a Highway Maintenance van purposely pulled over, to stop me slipping past at a roundabout, pinning me to the barrier!
Easy day tomorrow, so we can chill out in the morning and set up when we’re ready. Eggs for breakfast!!

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One Response to Day 1…

  1. Maggie says:

    Is Keith going to make the eggs for you at 6 am? Well done for doing the first 50 miles!

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