Day 2…

…has been far from a normal day, and tomorrow won’t be either. It was a laid back start, with the promised eggs, although evidence of the providers of those eggs started making a lot of noise at 430 so it wasn’t the lie in we hoped for.

We got going about 10am with Dorchester in our sights 12 miles away. A big hill started the day but once up we gently rose and fell with the beautiful hills. About 2 miles in we had an excitable stop at Cerne Abbas where there is the chalk carving in the hillside of a man in all his glory; the inevitable giggling of boys ensued.

The rolling hills continued and got a good rythmn going. It was a great ride. After a stop for a leisurely lunch in Dorchester we set off for the last 8 miles to Weymouth, where we have been since.

Since then we have been enjoying this great town bathed in sunshine. An ice-cream by the beach, a swim and shower at the local pool, ‘fish’ and chips for tea and a tacky sensationalist film. The day officially ended in the carpark of Asda where we stocked up on last minute provisions and we now only have 3hrs till the ferry.

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