Day 3…

…was long but fun. It started where we finished yesterday; in the Asda carpark, but quickly moved onto the beach where it got colder and colder. A few jokes and a discussion about drugs later and it was 330am and time to go to the ferry. Having slept for a while on the beach I was more cold than I have been for a while.
The ferry to Guernsey was completely uneventful as we all fell asleep before we set sail and didn’t wake till it was time to get off.
We then had 6hrs to waste, which we have become very good at. A bit more sleeping on the beach, some swimming, some frisbee and the time was gone. I feel a little bad that on my one visit to this beautiful island I didn’t stray from the beach near the port, but it was fun.
After another ferry we arrived in St. Malo and what a beautiful town it is. Our brief ride through to the campsite was enough to convince us that we wanted to see it properly. Sadly we got distracted… After three pitch offers we set up our tents and set off.
Our first distraction was a WWII memorial. Evidently there was action here and the gunholes showed us where.
The second distraction came as we approached the harbour and saw people jumping from the boat ramp into the sea! Keith, ‘The Major’, and some of the others can never resist such a challenge so we found ourselves perched on the boat ramp looking down at the sea.
I can only imagine it is my age that has made me tentative; I never used to be. After a few jumps and a failed effort to scyncronise we set off ‘home’ without seeing the town.
The sunset was gorgeous over the La Manche (The English Channel) and we tucked ourself in for the night.

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