Day 4…

…was the first day cycling after a bit of a break, as it turns out!
The Major is a hard task master, but that is what I need if I am going to do this trip! The plan was 96km, leaving at 8am and arriving at the campsite nice and early. I didn’t sleep that well so I was up in plenty of time to make a coffee and still be ready by 8.
The ride was good, not too many hills but not flat either. The kms flew past at about 20 per hour; cycling with 5 others is enough to keep me going, and Jonny often hangs back with me on the hills!
We passed through some delightful landscape, wonderful forests and lovely villiages. Evran was a notable village and the viaduct at Dinon (I think?) was fantastic. I do like viaducts for a number of reasons: i) they look remarkable, so elegant, blending into the adjacent hillsides. ii) the engineering is simply impressive. iii) it means we do not have to cycle down the valley and back up again!!
After 70km I was flagging, and if I was on my own I would happily have stopped at the next campsite. This is where having a support vehicle becomes a disadvantage. OK, they carry the stuff, but we have to meet them where we arrange to. So we still had 26km to go. Once arrived and set up we had dinner, played Jungle Speed and went to bed.
I snore, which is why I was happy to stick with my one man tent, but it seems being in another tent is not enough to dampen the sound. The Major had to get up in the night and poke me, although my memory is of him coming and giving me a code in my dream- I was not able to decipher it.

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