Day 5…

…was long and tough. It started slightly later as I had left my phone charging in the office over night and it didn’t open till 830.
We started well, leaving Paimpont keeping a good pace, but it had rained over night and the roads were wet so the downhills were not as fast.
Again we passed through some lovely villages enjoying snacks in La Gacilly next to a fountain with heron and kingfisher sculptures and a photo festival.
After the break I lead the pack and managed to maintain a good pace, but it took it out of me and I was again fading after 60km.
We ate our first lunch in Redon which had displays of the history of the Tour de France through the streets. We leant against one about their moustaches to eat our baguettes.
It was when we pulled off the main road after 60km that the horrible hills started. Not big hills, but long slow inclines, then a short down, then long slow up again! Killer on the tired legs.
We decided to look for a campsite in Pontchateau, only to find we had passed one 5km back and the next one was 15km ahead!
It was inevitable with this lot that we would opt for the forward one, so we set off again. I was weary and every pedal push ached. It got a bit more harrowing when Pete broke spokes on his back wheel, but we made it to Donges to find the girls had put our tents up for us!! What a great surprise.
The campsite is very basic and cheap (€10 for 8 of us) bit brilliant. We are camped in a small woodland and enjoyed a game of Monopoly Deal before bed.
I am wondering if I will keep up this pace or not!? Maybe I will reaquaint with my old friend the train? (For those interested you can send me text to my ‘travel’ number: +37259537648)

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3 Responses to Day 5…

  1. Andrew says:

    10 euros for 6 people – impressive!!!

  2. Andrew says:

    No, not the train Chris!!!! Don’t do it. (I’m about to find out if you did…)

  3. chramm says:

    You know, it got easier after this. Probably a mix of he hills getting lower and me getting fitter and used to the routine. No train necessary.

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